Orphans East Timor is overseen by its Management Committee which comprises: Australians: Dr David Lloyd, Judge Michael Finnane, Dr David Miller and Mr John Bailey.

Dr. David Lloyd B.Ed (Env Sci), M.Sci. PhD.


David is the Executive Officer of the Bundjalung Cultural Mapping project and coordinates the Universities East Timor Projects. He came to Southern Cross University after ten years as a senior manager with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, where he also ran the education component of the Ocean Rescue 2000 Program for the Federal Department of Environment and coordinated policy development and reviews. David has extensive community development experience, in areas ranging from remote aboriginal communities to the Solomon Islands, Indonesia, East Timor, Tonga, Tuvalu, New Guinea and Fiji. From 1998 to 2000 David was the Project Manager involved in developing and implementing a 'Representative Areas' program aimed at protecting the full range of habitats found within the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. In this capacity he has run an extensive number of training courses for the Authority's external services group for natural resource managers from a variety of SE Asian countries. David also assisted in the coordination of a UN workshop on 'Biological and Social Indicators of the Health of Coral Reef Systems'.

David is currently Senior lecturer in Protected Area Management, Cultural Heritage, Resource Assessment techniques and Coastal Management. He has a strong research interest in the incorporation of local/indigenous knowledge into Natural Area Management. David wrote and produced a "Saltwater People" for SBS, a documentary depicting the relationship of coastal Indigenous communities with their environment.

David has an ongoing role in natural area management projects in a number of Pacific nations working on 'capacity building projects' in Tonga (assisting in the development of the Fangu'ata Lagoon management plan which was developed with village level input) and developing management strategies and policy for the Fisheries Department. David is currently working on research and training projects in East and West Timor, and PNG. In particular he is working on community based projects to provide "value adding" for coffee in East Timor and curriculum development for the East Timor Coffee Academy. David is the Chair of the Cape Byron Marine Park Advisory Committee.

Mr John Bailey




John Bailey is a retired steel merchant originally from Melbourne. He had his own business for 35 years and relocated to the North Coast NSW in 1992. In 2000 he attended a "Friend of East Timor" meeting in Byron Bay and met Isa and Ina Bradridge who had recently been repatriated from East Timor following the Indonesian and militia violence that erupted in 1999. John, together with steel industry friends, helped Isa and Ina rebuild their house in Dili as a base from which to continue their work with refugees and displaced children. John continued his involvement and was responsible for the co-ordination of funding and for Familia Hope Orphanage in Gleno (which is now self-sufficient!), as well as working tirelessly for better living conditions and educational opportunities. John has made more than 20 visits to Timor. Currently he is supporting the Topu Honis Shelter Home.